Mission Statement

Bistro Rylo’s specialized brand of Euro-Mediterranean cuisine provides diners with an unforgettable culinary experience that combines modern influence with classic technique and artistically arresting presentation. Using fresh, quality products, Bistro Rylo’s year-round menu items, as well as their seasonal specials, are matched only by their exceptional service, welcoming environment, and contemporary, upscale atmosphere.


Ryan Lory

Owner/Executive Chef


Ryan Lory knew from a young age that he was destined to open and run his own restaurant, so after graduating from West Virginia University in 2011, he set off to pursue his true calling on the West Coast. While working towards his culinary degree at the Art Institute of Southern California, Ryan took a job at Newport Beach’s Big Canyon Country Club, working under Chefs Nick Wynn, Chris Chun, and Ben Udave, and, within five months, he worked his way up to lead line chef. Between his rise in rank at the country club and graduating from culinary school with honors, Ryan realized that his unadulterated passion for fine dining combined with his well-honed skill and ceaseless determination would give him the edge to make his culinary dreams a reality. Now, with the opening of Bistro Rylo, Ryan is excited to bring Mediterranean flavors and classic French cooking techniques to Monmouth county, and, with visions of sister restaurants and Michelin stars in his eyes, Ryan continues to look forward to what the future holds.

Sam Byrne

Executive Sous Chef


After graduating from Paris’ prestigious culinary institute, Le Cordon Bleu, in 2006, Executive Sous Chef, Sam Byrne went on to earn his degree in molecular gastronomy from the Dublin Institute of Technology in 2011. While he has studied and trained for years to become the gastronomical expert he is today, Sam claims he never made the conscious decision to become a chef, but the culinary career path seemed to choose him. Having worked with famed chef Alain Ducasse and in the kitchens of Manhattan’s Peacock Alley and Spain’s three Michelin Star rated elBulli, Sam believes his flair for the unexpected combined with the talents of his fellow chefs will help Bistro Rylo quickly establish itself as a must-try culinary haven.